Residence Apartments Goyenhof

Holidays at Scena in South Tyrol

Exclusive apartments with pool, sauna & spa

Nestled in a charming alpine-mediterranean landscape, surroun- ded by impressive mountains, the Goyenhof welcomes its guests with openness and a sense of safety, offering relax and intimacy, a combination that heals the soul. Mind and body are in harmony. A sense of happiness, inner peace and confidence sets in.

Your vacation can begin!

Apartments at Goyenhof

And The heart grows bigger

Holidays for individualists & nature lovers

Whether you are looking for countryside romance or timeless elegance com- bined with refined luxury. The suites and apartments of this small 4-star Land- palais have one thing in common: the attention to detail, a craving for beauty and the feeling of sweet moments of wellbeing. And, of course, the majestic view of the South Tyrolean mountains from the quaint southern balcony.

Enjoy the mountains!

Welcome in the four star suites. 

Residence with Gourmet Breakfast at Scena

Gourmet Breakfast

Celebrate the early hours.

Enjoy your breakfast with leisure. Take your time, taste, enjoy. Here you have all the good, fresh, healthy and delicious things that come from our land.

Be happy and satisfied in the morning.