Celebrate the early hours.

Enjoy your breakfast with leisure. Take your time, taste, enjoy. Here you have all the good, fresh, healthy and delicious things that come from our land. Be happy and satisfied in the morning.

Schenner Bauern-Frühstück

 As we all know, a good day begins with a healthy breakfast.

Indulge in our Scena Farmhouse Breakfast, which is part of the  SÜDTIROL BALANCE initiative and start the day with the finest local fare:

  • Brown bread either homemade or from a local baker
  • Butter from a South Tyrolean Alpine farm
  • Natural yogurt and quark from a South Tyrolean Alpine dairy
  • Three different South Tyrolean cheeses
  • Fresh milk from a South Tyrolean dairy
  • Homemade jams made with birch sugar Honey from a South Tyrolean producer
  • Crunchy South Tyrolean apples
  • Seasonal fresh fruit from South Tyrol Homemade cloudy apple juice
  • Loose herbal teas from South Tyrolean farmers
  • Eggs from South Tyrolean free-range hens
  • Organic coffee from a South Tyrolean roasting house

In addition we are happy to serve you our own homemade specialities which are freshly prepared daily:

  • Quark with fresh herbs from our own garden
  • Sandwich spreads made with local ingredients
  • Dried fruits and nuts from South Tyrol Homemade mueslis, yogurt, whey and vitamin drinks
  • as well as exclusive local cured meats.

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